Performance Optimization & Longevity

For our patients, it’s not just about moving. It’s about being the most active, strong, and healthy women they can be throughout their life. At the Tulane Women’s Sports Medicine Program, we’ll help you prevent or recover from injury, and keep you meeting your goals. Whatever moves you, our approach will set you up for a lifetime of optimum physical and mental fitness.

Personal Training

We can provide recommendations for a trainer who can design an individualized workout plan that will help you achieve your goals and produce visible results.

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These specialists work with teams and groups to educate them about nutrition and healthy eating. Our partnership with the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine combines leading research in culinary medicine with entertaining classes and lifestyle changes to create a holistic approach to eating and diet.

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Sports Psychology

It is fairly common for athletes to experience stress and anxiety, given a constant desire to perform well or compete at a high level.Additionally, psychological factors (e.g. psychological distress, self-efficacy, locus of control, athletic identity, and everyday anxiety and stress) can play an important role in performance, recovery from injury, and return to play. As part of the women’s sports medicine program, we want to educate athletes, parents, and coaches on these topics with the goal of improving overall outcome.

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