Injury Prevention

We know that you don’t have time to take time off. At the Tulane Women’s Sports Medicine Program, we have the tools to design a plan specifically for you to prevent and stop the incidence and /or decrease the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, without slowing you down. Dr. Mary Mulcahey and her team bring together a combination of experts, services, and cutting-edge technology to prevent injury and keep you moving.

Physical Therapy

Our partner, PT Solutions, is owned and operated by physical therapists. They strive to offer industry-leading techniques and professional staff to ensure your experience is not only beneficial but helps you understand your treatment and reach your goals.

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Student Athlete Services

Preseason physicals and student preparticipation evaluations can help student athletes prepare for the training ahead to make sure they start and stay in the game. We are committed to providing injury prevention training for athletes, coaches, and parents in an effort to minimize the risk of injury and enhance overall performance. Walk-in clinics for student athletes allow for flexibility to see a specialist, despite having a busy student schedule. Treatment is important, and we are committed to being available when needed.

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